24:7 Services

Acme Care offer a twenty four hours a day service, seven days a week.

We have staff available to work through the night.  


Over the years, it was recognised that some clients had difficulty with transportation, so the company invested in a wheelchair-adapted car, for the use of our clients. The car, which is charged at a slightly higher rate, is driven by a member of staff.

We've recently added a second vehicle to our fleet.

If you wish to use the car you would be charged petrol per mile.

Acme Care Van

Fast Response

If at any time you need emergency care due to unforeseen circumstances, that have need been identified within your care plan we are able to provide you with a fast response service. This is charged at a premium rate of twice the normal rate for that given time.

We cannot guarantee your designated carer to attend at the time as they maybe employed with another client, but we will do our upmost in providing a staff member who is familiar with the clients needs.

Please note that the Fast Response service is not available between 11.00pm-7.00am.

Support at Work

We at Acme Care will support you within your own workplace, enabling you to have your own employment. As we class ourselves as enablers, we will not do the job you are employed to do, but will assist you to complete your duties during your time of employment.

Domiciliary Care

We offer support and assistance around the home.

We can offer cooking, light cleaning, washing and ironing and shopping.  

While our staff do not profess to be cordon bleu chefs, all are able to provide a healthy, well-balanced meal. All staff hold a Food Hygiene certificate.

All household chores will need to be risk-assessed, to make sure that our staff are as safe as possible, and that the company keeps them from harm.

It is Acme Care policy that when staff deal with clients' personal monies all transactions will be documented.